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Nurses Become Your Own Boss! Obtain the professional autonomy you've desired and have longed for by Helping Manage Pain, Opioid Substance Disorders, and Health Issues Through Nature's Medicine Can

Cannabinoid (CBD) Friendly Nurse Advocates Are Needed

At 5.6 million Nurse Strong! Nurses are at the pivotal point in compassionate results-driven patient care. Now, in the realm of telemedicine, home health nursing, and promising botanicals, nurses are perfectly poised to help address America's growing opioid epidemic. The emerging science related to cannabinoid medicine, as well as other encouraging botanicals in Nature's Medicine, has provided nurses a golden opportunity to regain our autonomy and become our own bosses! Our profitable Cannabinoid (CBD) Friendly Nurse Advocate Business Program provides a profitable and legitimate professional safety-net as independent Nurse Advocates.

Nurses For Safe Access independent nurse advocates are inspired and fully prepared to reach out to, and work directly with oncologists, pain management clinics, orthopedics, internal medicine physicians and other practitioners. Utilizing our promotional materials: Personalized business cards, brochures, physician and patient forms, as well as PowerPoint presentations PLUS wholesale prices for CBD, Kratom, botanical blends, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, and nutritional supplements. NFSA Independent Nurse Advocates are ready to start their own business!

In a system mired in “sick care” versus “health care," nurses are a proud, respected community of trusted healthcare professional. Our desire is to empower nurses to become cannabinoid (CBD) friendly independent nurse advocates and reach out to physicians to help address America's growing opioid crisis, with nature's medicine.

Welcome to NFSA Nurse Advocate Program

Nurses, soon, you can kiss your 12-hour+ shifts, staffing shortages, working during the holidays, weekends, and traveling in gridlock goodbye! Join Nurses For Safe Access collective of Cannabinoid CBD Friendly Independent Nurse Advocates.

America Needs Nurse Advocates and Nature's Medicine to Fight Our Growing Opioid Crisis.  

To help enhance your business become an Independent Nurse Provider for Medi-Cal/Medicaid

• Apply to Become an Independent Nurse Provider for Medicaid and Medi-Cal Programs. Work as an "Independent Nurse Provided" for Federal and State funded programs, such as; "EPSDT Private Duty Nursing program" and other similar programs. Sign you clients up under Federal and State healthcare programs, and bill for your nursing hours. 

* Nurses it's imperative for you to understand your state and local laws, as well as your scope and standards of practice! 

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